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>> Thursday, July 16, 2009

The interior I design is for Dekranasda (Dewan Kerajinan Nasional Daerah) for Riau Province.

Located at the capital of Riau, Pekanbaru, this task is chalenging for me. The head of Dekranasda is Riau Governor's wife. She dreams that dekranasdsa would be a place to promote Riau culture and craft.

She specifically asked for an interior rich of Riau's culture and craft, such as Malay ornaments and tenun fabric.
In the middle of minimalist and modern style, I was challenged to design an 'ethnic' interior, as she asked. And because this is a government project, budget was also an important matter. So, I have to fulfill the owner's desire of a beautiful and rich interior, and meet the budget expectation as well.

Well, here are the designs.
By the time I wrote this post, the construction haven't begin yet. But these picture has been approved by the task owner.


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