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>> Wednesday, June 24, 2009

design perspective of BNI sentra kredit menengah, jl. jend. sudirman, jakarta

design perspective of crystal minimarket, csarua, puncak

design perspective of intermezzo cafe, matahari mall-bsd plaza, serpong


project list

2002-2003 : pt.kuorum deconesia
- renovation project harmony apartement, batam
- office renovation pt.agritani indonesia, jakarta
- office renovation business centre, menara cakrawala, jakarta
- office renovation pt. setia sapta, jakarta
- blastoys card shop, puri indah mall, jakarta
- mario minardi shoe counter, sarinah thamrin, jakarta
- crystal minimarket & bakery, cisarua, puncak
- office renovation pt.freemantle media, jakarta
- office renovation pt.alcatel, jakarta
- intermezzo cafe, matahari mall, bsd plaza, serpong
- furniture design, bank IFI, jakarta

2003-2006 : pt.exitama
- main lobby /reception area renovation kantor wilayah 10 BNI, jakarta
- meeting room renovation kantor wilayah 10 BNI, jakarta
- office renovation (3th & 4th floor) kantor wilayah 10 BNI, jakarta

- office renovation BNI sentra kredit menengah, jakarta
- office renovation pt. multimedia nusantara, ASPAC building, jakarta
- office renovation pt.socfindo, ASPAC building, jakarta
- office renovation & furniture design pt.karana line, jakarta
- office renovation pt.pakarya inti portindo, ASPAC building, jakarta
- office renovation & furniture design pt.edi indonesia, jakarta
- office renovation pt.lerindro international, jakarta
- shop drawing & as built drawing aston back office project, jakarta
- furniture design mr.hari's residence, kemang, jakarta
- rebranding projects BNI 46
- office renovation & furniture design pt.b braun indonesia, jakarta

2007 - now : pt.findo international consultant
- interior & furniture projects Gedung Kantor Gabungan Dinas Provinsi Riau (9 floor full),
located in pekanbaru, riau. the scope of design started from concept, technical drawing,
material spesification & budget estimate. the consultant scope of work also include periodical
supervision while the construction lasted (3 month)
- interior & furniture projects dewan kerajinan nasional daerah, pekanabru, riau. the scope of
design basically similar to the previous one.

freelancer :
- interior renovation of mandiri assessment centre, cikini, jakarta
- interior renovation of kantor kas bank mandiri, bekasi
- interior renovation of kantor kas bank mandiri, kelapa gading, jakarta


design quotes

>> Tuesday, June 23, 2009

if design isn’t profitable, then it’s art -- henrik fiskar

good design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn’t theirs -- frank chimero

practice safe design: use a concept -- petrula vrontikis

good design is good business -- thomas j watson, jr

people ignore design that ignores people -- frank chimero

design is where science and art break even -- robert mathew

being a famous designer is like being a famous dentist -- noreen morioka

every designers’ dirty little secret is that they copy other designers’ work. they see work they like, and they imitate it. rather cheekily, they call this inspiration -- aaron russell


the cv

name. umara sri windyaswari
birth. 18th may 1979
religion. islam
marital status. married
education. engineering faculty, architecture major, universitas indonesia (1997-2002)
skills. autocad, 3d max, photoshop, microsoft office, english
experience. 2002-2003 pt.kuorum deconesia - junior interior designer,
2003-2006 pt.exitama-interior designer, 2007-now pt.findo international consultant.
what exactly an interior designer do?
first i met the client, the user, or anyone who needs my design service.
i list all the needs ; the room dimension, the furniture, the shape of the room or the furniture, the color, the material,
the do's and the don'ts, the special requirements, and the budget.
then, i design, based on all the needs.
the design can be 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional (perspective drawing).
the design also include what color and material spesification to be used.
when i finished with the design, i made the budget estimation.
and when the budget is all done, i brought them all to the client.
when it's a goal, the construction begin.
as a designer, i supervise - periodically - the construction, so the result is similar to the design.


interior & furniture

interior & furniture : home, apartment, office, commercial, retail --- at your service !


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